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Cushionly ClearNest Firm Support Mattress Topper

Cushionly ClearNest Firm Support Mattress Topper

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Clearly Hygienic

100% washable with no foam, glue, latex, or springs.

Passthrough Airflow

Regulates body temperature for optimal comfort.

Infinite-Layer Support

CrystalFiber™ Technology forms an endless loop of support, offering unparalleled body support.

Experience the pinnacle of mattress material innovation with the Cushionly mattress, offering a remarkable advancement in back support & sleep technology over traditional mattresses.

The Technology

The Experience Innovation

Escape the Mattress Exchange Nightmare with Cushionly

Tired of the ageless mattress shopping dilemma? You visit a store, spend minutes testing a mattress and expects to make the right choice or even worse purchase a mattress online without even sleeping on it, then realize at home that it's not the right fit. The return process? A logistical nightmare of heavy lifting and endless waiting. Cushionly introduces "Project All Choices" to this age-old problem. Our innovative mattress features a unique, removable three-layer system, each layer offering a different level of firmness. This means you can swap layers at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, taking the time you need to truly determine what works for you.

Project All Choices

No More Guesswork: With Cushionly, you're not locked into a firmness choice made in a showroom. Every mattress comes with our three layers – 1) extra firm 2) firm, and 3) comfort-firm - put the power of choice in your hands.

Home-Based Testing: The real test of a mattress happens over nights, not minutes. Cushionly’s interchangeable layers let you experiment over time, ensuring you find that just-right feel.Cushionly

Customized Layers are easy as 1, 2 3


Q: What innovative materials are used in ClearNest mattresses, and how do they enhance the sleep experience?

ClearNest elevates the sleep experience with its exclusive Polyolefin Elastomer (POE) and Polyethylene (PE) blend, delivering enhanced elasticity, superior support, and
greater durability than traditional PE/POE materials.

Q: How does ClearNest's performance compare to regular mattresses in terms of durability and firmness?

Engineered for excellence, ClearNest surpasses regular
mattress standards in compression firmness and oxidation resistance,
maintaining its shape with exceptional resilience. Proven by the Japanese KAKEN 80000 durability test, ClearNest boasts a minimal thickness reduction of just
5.6%, epitomizing its robust and long-lasting nature.

Q: What makes ClearNest's core material unique in terms of safety and purity?

ClearNest's core material has passed the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) test, ensuring safety and quality. It is free from glue, formaldehyde, heavy metals,
carcinogenic chemicals, and fiberglass, highlighting its uncompromising purity.

Q: Can you describe the washability and breathability features of ClearNest mattresses?

ClearNest mattresses are fully washable, made from high-molecular polymer that's moisture resistant and quick-drying for easy cleanup. They also feature a 3-D
network structure for breathability, with 90% air composition that enhances
moisture and heat regulation.

Q: What are the benefits of ClearNest's elasticity and support features?

ClearNest provides high elasticity and strong support, with a 3D woven POE fiber that evenly disperses body pressure and adapts to body curves, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience.

Q: What enhancements does the POE PRO™ formula bring to ClearNest mattresses?

The upgraded POE PRO formula enhances ClearNest's durability and resistance to deformation, excelling in compression and oxidation resistance tests for a more resilient mattress.

Q: What certifications do ClearNest mattress covers hold, and what standards do they meet?

Mattress covers of ClearNest are made of infant-class, skin-friendly fabrics, OEKO-TEX certified, and tested for over 100 hazardous substances. They also comply with EU RoHS and REACH standards and are certified by multiple international bodies, including BV, TUV, SGS, and INTERTEK.

Q: Has ClearNest material been used in any notable international events, and what does this signify about its quality?

The material used in ClearNest mattresses was also used for Olympic Games mattresses in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, ensuring athlete comfort and sleep
quality, which speaks volumes about its superior quality and comfort standards.

Product Spec

Size & Weight

  • Thickness: ClearNest 10.5", with cover for 3 Layers, and 13.1" with cover for 4 Layers.
  • "Twin: 38” X 75” X 10.5”, 58 lbs
  • Twin XL: 39.4” X 79.9” X 10.5”, 61.5 lbs
  • Full: 54” X 75” X 10.5”, 78 lbs
  • Queen: 60” X 80” X 10.5”, 94.5 lbs
  • King: 76” X 80” X 10.5”, 120 lbs
  • CAL King: 71.7” X 83.9” X 10.5”, 118.5 lbs


  • ClearNest® core: Polyolefin Elastome POE+Polyethylene POE 100%
  • Outer Cover: Polyester 100%
  • Inner Cover: Rayon 70%, Glass Fiber 30%


  • 10-year limited warranty